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Tubman Till Museum

& Media Center

Welcome to the

Tubman Till  Museum & Media Center

Virtual Online Experience.

This is where we share the stories of a people,

with Harriet Tubman, Emmett Louis Till & Mamie Till Mobley as the central figures. 


Welcome to my vision.

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Virtual Tours.

Dr. Eric J. Chambers,


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George Floyd mural display.

Nick Cannon George Floyd display.

Our vision is to open an actual museum and media center in North Orange County, CA within the next two years. It will tell the stories of a people and include videos photographs, audio recordings, artifacts and more. The CUT Network will be housed in the media center which will contain more than 3000 archived interviews. The goal now is to raise money for our first building. Please DONATE.


NOW PLAYING: "It's Something Wonderful About Truth Trailer"

Please view our Till documentary trailer and book us for a screening of the 30-minute film for a fundraiser.

Emmett & Mamie Till Mobley Tribute

The vision is to create an actual physical museum here in Southern California.

I endorse the dream team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to get us out of this political nightmare we're in because they would make a strong tandem. Yes, they sparred during the debates, but iron sharpens iron. 


I love that they are not identical. She brings balance to the ticket and would not shy away from sharing an opposing view, unlike the puppets in the current administration.


Kamala was once the leading candidate. While some are trying to get to the top via the political escalator or elevator, she walked the entire 75 flight of stairs--earning this opportunity. 


Finally, with her experience as an Attorney General and most importantly, a sitting US Senator, she knows where the Republican land mines are in DC. That's an experience you can't promote. You must earn it. 

Why BIDEN/Harris?

Storytellers: Kem featured interview. 

As a child growing up in Slidell, La., I watched a movie in the 70's called "A Woman Called Moses" starring Cicely Tyson. It got me interested in the stories of my people. Then, a couple years later, I watched Alex Haley's  "Roots" TV mini-series which made me fall in love with my history.


While a student at San Diego City College in 1987, I took a class called US History From A Black Perspective. That's where a documentary called "Eyes On The Prize" educated me about the story of Emmett Louis Till and his mother, Mrs. Mamie Till Mobley. Who knew, 13 years later, in 2000,  I would befriend his mom who would become a "surrogate grandmother" to me? We called each other from time to time, holding long conversations.  This virtual museum is dedicated to the memories of Harriet Tubman, Emmett Louis Till and Mrs. Mamie Till Mobley.


Enjoy the view and please financially contribute as I raise funds to expand my current Emmett Till documentary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes with hopes of it playing on Netflix, Amazon Video, OWN, The History Channel and other media outlets. Emmett was The eventual goal with the museum is to open a physical museum and media center.


Dr. Eric J. Chambers

Visionary Founder


Thanks for your support.

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