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These Are My People

Ada Johnson Bender (my great great grandmother Calla's sister), Hattie Johnson Lang (Calla's cousin), Willis Johnson, my great great great grandfather and to his right is his daughter, Calla Johnson-Byrd, my great great grandmother. Next is Louella Lang wearing the bow tie (Calla's cousin). In the far right is Rose Isaac Jordan, my great, great, great grandmother, a former slave. Her son, Mark Jordan, was my great, great grandfather. He is my great grandfather Morgan Taylor's biological father. Rose Isaac had a son who lived 104 years! The little girl is Nevada Phillips Dukes. 

This picture was taken 1915 in Rose Hill, MS. My great, great grandmother, Calla Johnson-Byrd was in her early 30's when she died in 1919. My great grandmother Willie Lewe Byrd was just 19 at the time. As a result, she had to raise her siblings with her dad.

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